Postgraduate study

Asian History and Culture

Ph.D. program in English

The program is concerned with a broad area of South, Southeast, Central, and East Asia from antiquity to the present. Teachers and supervisors in the program include specialists in these areas from Charles University, Oriental Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences), and National Gallery in Prague. The programme embraces a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and is by its nature interdisciplinary. The basic condition of the doctoral research in this programme is work with sources (written and oral) in relevant Asian languages enabling the student to research his/her topic through primary sources in these languages and approach the subject from different cultural perspectives.

Entrance examinations:

We welcome students with already well-developed ideas about the topic of their future research. For the entrance examination, a student submits a dissertation project, which is discussed during the interview together with relevant disciplinary knowledge and knowledge of secondary sources. Students are welcome to discuss their projects in advance with their would-be supervisor. For information about the supervisors, you may contact the program guarantor Olga Lomová.

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