Martin Hanker

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Mgr. Martin Hanker

Tibetan studies; Asian and African History and Culture

Research interests

Human skulls – craniological manuals, ritual use, selling ritual implements and the market of Tibetan goods in the West; Tibetan Hip-hop – identity, subculture, lingo, political context; Digital humanities – digital ethnography and implementation of technologies in research


Other activities

Science popularization and public talks on Tibet (also on elementary and high schools), co-founder of (formerly students’ only) association “Orientalistic Express”, member of “Library of Languages”, organizer of various cultural events (not strictly Tibetan-related), librarian, editor of Tib-Eng-Cze web dictionary, administrator of numerous uni websites and Facebook pages, co-founder and ex-operation manager of a Tibetan tearoom in Prague Dharmasala and its Momos bistro.


  • Introduction to Tibetan studies (ATB00031)
  • Spoken Tibetan I a (ATB00037)
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