Prof. Lin Kuan-Chun: Disscussion of Tibetan Historiography

Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

and the

Institute of South and Central Asia, Charles University

cordially invite you to a lecture by

Prof. Lin Kuan-Chun

(Chinese Culture University, Taipei)

Discussion of Tibetan Historiography

When: Thursday, June 8, from 13:00

Where: FF UK, Celetná 20, room no. 427

Reflecting on my personal research on the Tibetan history during the Tang period, what attracted my curiosity the most was the integration of Tibet with pan-Diqiang tribes at the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau for the first time in history. In fact, Tibet started wars with its neighbouring nations including Tang China, Dashi, Uighur and Nanzhao, expanding to the largest territory the pan-Diqiang tribe ever possessed. Interesting is, how did the Tibetan documents record these events of the dazzling history of the Tibetan Empire? To which extend was Tibetan historiography affected by foreign influences, such as the Chinese way of compiling and editing history? A comparison and cross analysis of both Tang and Tibetan records such as the Account of Tibetan Documents from Dunhuang, “The OId Tibetan Annals”, Old History of the Tang (Chiou Tang shu), New History of the Tang (Hsin Tang shu), Comprehensive Mirror in Aid of Government (Zizhi tongjian) etc. show interesting findings that will be presented during this lecture.



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