12. a 13.11. Přednášky profesorky Arienne Dwyer

Ústav jižní a centrální Asie zve všechny zájemce na sérii přednášek profesorky Arienne Dwyer (University of Kansas), které se budou konat 12. a 13.11.

První lekce se bude konat 12.11. od 17:30 v místnosti číslo 212 v Celetné 20.

Následující den (13.11.) pokračují lekce od 10:20 v Jindřišské 27, místnost číslo 2.

Anotace přednášek:

Lecture #1 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology  (How does Ling Anth distinguish itself from structural and theoretical linguistics, and from sociolinguistics? What can we learn from it to complement these other disciplines? What are the main theories and methods of LingAnth? What are some examples of LingAnth research? (E.g. language and power/identity/gender; child language socialization; code-switching; narrative, discourse, context, prior texts, etc.)

Lecture #2 Critical Discourse Analysis (Taking one LingAnth area as an example, we look at one or more studies using CDA. The well-known studies concern political discourse (e.g. right-wing populism in Austria); examples on CDA-type methods on Chinese discourse about minorities and Uyghurs.  A focus on text, radio, internet discourse, with applications to spoken discourse.

Lecture #3 Data management (All research – fieldwork or archival – generates data. Most research funding these days requires a “Data Management Plan”.  What are current best practices for (1) creating, (2) storing (archiving) and (3) sharing data?  And what is metadata and why should I care? Dwyer has created a teaching module on Data Management for Linguistic Anthropology for the American Anthropological Association, which is freely available online.)

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