26.10. Combining verbs in and across languages

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Combining verbs in and across languages

která se bude konat 26.10. od 10:20, v místnosti 104 na hlavní budově FF UK, Jana Palacha 1/2.

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This workshop is bringing together researchers who deal with multiverb constructions in different languages of the world. The common goal is to shed light on certain entrenched concepts such as serial verb constructions, auxiliaries or light verbs, and discuss to what extent they are useful as adequate descriptive categories for the grammars of individual languages on the one hand, and as meaningful typological comparative concepts on the other. Do they exhaustively and appropriately account for the cross-linguistic variability? Or should a more efficient set of categories be proposed?

Among the crucial issues to be raised is the nature of the proposed categories: are they not better perceived as scalar than discrete? What is the synchronic relationship between the categories, i.e. how to deal with verbs which can appear in different roles? What is the diachronic relationship between them?

We will discuss in detail the following issues:

–     An exercise in matching form and function: what „periphrastic verbs“ can do that auxiliaries, light verb constructions, constructional auxiliaries and serial verb constructions cannot (or vice versa)? (cross-linguistic comparison)
–     The morphosyntactic status of multiverb constructions – is there a head? Are the verbs overtly linked? (Arabic)
–     Where is the border between mono- and multi-clausality in multiverb combinations in a language where overt morphosyntactic marking is either facultative or outright impossible? (Thai)
–     Does the distinction between auxiliaries and light verbs make sense? (Japanese and other Central and East Asian languages)
–     How much does the original semantics of auxiliary verbs define their grammaticalized use in Sakha? Are they semantically bleached (light verbs) or is the grammatical function only an extension of their meanings? (Sakha)
–     Is it possible to pose discrete boundaries between auxiliaries, light verbs, and lexical verbs? (Manchu and Mongolian)
–     Ad Jespersen: Auxiliaries and serialisation encode conceptual categories that are routinely determined in a given language. How long-lived or stable are such conceptual categories, and how short-lived their grammatical expressions? (Papuan)

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